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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

(Getting you on the front page organically v. Pay Per Click advertisements)

At YellowBee, we put businesses on the front page of internet searches organically.  We do this through a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  In layman’s terms, we tell Google your story, so people can find you.  We don’t like to brag, but we are 100% successful in putting businesses on the front page of all the major search engines.  If you want your business to have front page placement, YellowBee can get you there.  Our tech team is so good that we guarantee you front page placement in 90 days, or we will refund your money, guaranteed!

Are you currently paying-per-click for your visibility? If so, you’re paying 5 to 20 times more per visit than you need to. Our team of experienced professionals has helped over 10,000 businesses stop their PPC and they typically see 5 times more traffic to their site at 1/3 of the cost they were paying. What does that translate to? A lot more opportunities for a fraction of the cost. There is no better marketing value than organic search traffic. We say that from having 16 years experience in search marketing.  What’s more is that most people avoid clicking on the ads making your advertisement dollars useless.  Most people don’t trust the ads, so they scroll down to the organic first page listings.  If your business isn’t on the front page, you are missing out on people who are looking for what you do best.

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Search Engine Dominance (SEM)

Search engine marketing to some is just marketing your business online, through the major search engines. We take Search Engine Marketing (SEM) beyond “new visibility.”  We seek dominance in the search engines for our clients.

Once you obtain organic search engine placement, the next best thing is to multiply it and get multiple listings on the front page. Besides the two maximum that you will sometimes see for any one URL, the only way to get more listings is by creating more optimized websites with unique URL’s! Think about it this way, each time you are on the front page, that’s one more competitor you push down to the 2nd page, and each additional listing is increasing your chances to get clicked on.

According to an independent study, you have a 70% greater chance to get a click through to your site if you have a 2nd listing. They didn’t research a 3rd or 4th listing but again, think about pushing your competition down off the front page. Beginning with our Level 10 Plan and above, all of these levels of service include the SEM component of multiple sites.

There are only 10 listings on the front page; if dominance in your market is what you are seeking, do it the proper way, the only way accepted by the search engines and launch new, optimized websites! Contact us and see how affordable SEM can be for your company!

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